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  • PM3040 Manual Stencil Printer

    PM3040 Manual Stencil Printer

    PM3040 is cost efficient and has precise alignment for stencil to printed circuit boards.Its high flexibility ensure high printing precision and can handle single &double-sided PCBs. FEATURES...

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  • PM3040 Smd Stencil Printer

    PM3040 Smd Stencil Printer

    Critical to PCB assembly and the first step in the paste, place, reflow process is the accurate deposition of solder paste with a stencil printer. Stencil printer PM3040 in manual configuration,...

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  • T5 Benchtop Reflow Oven

    T5 Benchtop Reflow Oven

    Product Descriptions T-5, a desktop reflow oven, solders PCB in a hot wind way which could make sure the components heated evenly and it supports most normal components, LED and kinds of IC. Main...

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  • T5 Reflow Oven Kit

    T5 Reflow Oven Kit

    Product Descriptions T-5, with 5 heating zones(3 up/ 2 down), hot wind heating way and desktop shape, it supports most normal components, LED, kinds of IC and just need 15-20mins to reach the...

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  • T8 Lead Free Reflow Oven

    T8 Lead Free Reflow Oven

    T-8 Soldering Station 8 heating zone reflow oven, applicable to various kinds of pcb soldering First:Fast preheat zone Second/Third:Drying zones Fourth:Soldering zone Fifth/Sixth/Seventh:Bottom...

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  • T8 Smd Oven Reflow

    T8 Smd Oven Reflow

    T-8 PCB soldering equipment NeoDen T-8 PCB reflow oven is used for soldering well-placed electronic components on kinds of pcb, it is one kind of smt machine, support most normal components, led,...

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  • T8L Best Reflow Oven

    T8L Best Reflow Oven

    T-8L Reflow Oven T-8L oven is the model very similar to T-8, also 8 heating zones inside, just with a bench added into its structure. This bench is integrated with the oven main part, cannot be...

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  • T8L Benchtop Reflow Oven

    T8L Benchtop Reflow Oven

    T8L hot air soldering machine NeoDen T-8L is one model matched with a working bench, the whole machine (upside oven + bottom side table )is undetachable. Parameters: Ways to test the inside...

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  • Pick And Place Machine for LED NeoDenL460

    Pick And Place Machine for LED NeoDenL460

    Introduction NeoDenL460 is a highly productive pick and place machine with flying vision system. As specially designated for LED production, it features in dual gantry 4 heads, flying vision,...

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