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Tabletop Pick And Place Machine

Tabletop Pick and Place Machine NeoDen3V-Advanced version NeoDen3V--Advanced pick and place machine N eoDen3V is an upgraded version of TM245P series . It features dual head, max. 44 feeder slots (if all 8mm) , vision system an d flexible positioning system, which is suitable for prototyping,...

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Product Details

Tabletop Pick and Place Machine NeoDen3V-Advanced version

NeoDen3V--Advanced pick and place machine

NeoDen3V is an upgraded version of TM245P series.
It features dual head, max. 44 feeder slots (if all 8mm), vision system and flexible positioning system, which is suitable for prototyping, small-medium batch production with stable performance and affordable price.

Full Vision 2 Head System
2 high-precision placement heads with ±180°
rotation could satisfy the need of wide range components.

Patented Automatic Peel-box
Patented electromagnetic actuators, you don't need to
get rid of the wasted nylon film manually, which saves
you more time and effort.

Flexible PCB positioning
By using PCB support bars and pins, wherever you want
to put the PCB and whatever the shape of your PCB is,
all can be handled well
Integrated Controller
More stable performance and easier to do maintenance.

Number Of Heads22
Placement Rate5000CPH(without vision);3500CPH(with vision)5000CPH(without vision);3500CPH(with vision)
Feeder CapacityTape feeder:24(all 8mm)
Generally, if not customized, the standard reel feeder on machine is: 18x8mm,4x12mm,1x16mm.
Tape feeder:44(all 8mm)
Generally, if not customized, the standard reel feeder on machine is:                33x8mm,6x 12mm,3x 16mm
Vibration feeder: 0~5Vibration feeder: 0~5
Tray feeder: 5~10
(Customization supported)
Tray feeder: 5~10
(Customization supported)
Board DimensionMaximum:320*410mmMaximum:320*360mm
Component RangeSmallest components:0402Smallest components:0402
Largest components:TQFP144Largest components:TQFP144
Max height:5mmMax height:5mm
Numbers Of Pumps33
Placement Accuracy±0.02mm±0.02mm
Operate SystemWindowsXP-NOVAWindowsXP-NOVA
Electricity Supply110V/220V110V/220V
Machine Size820(L)*650(W)*410(H)mm820(L)*680(W)*410(H)mm
Packing Size1001(L)*961(W)*568(H)mm1001(L)*961(W)*568(H)mm
Net Weight55kg60kg
Gross Weight80Kg85kg

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