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Smt Technology

Smt Technology

NeoDen Prototype SMT Technology SMT(surface mount technology) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Process of SMT technolofy assembly: Screen printing machine (Brush the solder...

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NeoDen Prototype SMT Technology

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SMT(surface mount technology)  is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). 

Process of SMT technolofy assembly:

Screen printing machine (Brush the solder paste on PCB)

Pick and Place machine (Assembly the components on PCB)

Soldering machine(Soldering the PCB & Reflow oven)

Solder Printer-PM3040

PM3040 is a high precision manual stencil solder printer for PCB board. PM3040 is small and easy to operate, affordable, which is suitable for prototype and small scale electronics factory.

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Pick and place machine-NeoDen4

NeoDen4 is a desktop Pick and Place machine with vision system. As a professional PnP machine designer and developer, NeoDen has been doing research in SMT industry from 2010. NeoDen4 -- with dual cameras, auto rails, auto electronic feeders and 4 placement heads --  could  support 0201, BGA, QFN and 0.8m/1.2m/1.5m LED strip. NeoDen4 is the good choice to satisfy all demands of high precision, stable performance and low cost. 

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Reflow Oven-T962A

TheT962Aisamicro-processorcontrolledreflowoven.The deviceispoweredbystandard110VAC50/60HZ(220VAC Modelisavailable).Userinterfaceisimplementedbywayof T962ainputkeysandanLCDdisplay.Pre-SetheatingModes areselectedbyuserinteractionwiththermalcycleprogress observedonLCDdisplay. 

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Why choose us

1.Light weight body,occupy small area

2.User friendly interface,no need professional SMT engineer,entry-level device

3.High integrated,no need extra pump or any supporting facility

4.High accuracy and reliability,make up the defection of manual work

5.Low cost,reduce expense to own a professional automatic SMT production line

6.International express with door to door service,3-5 working days delivery

7.Especial for laboratory research and development,samples,to avoid any patents and designs revealment