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Automatic desktop SMT pick and place machine

Automatic desktop SMT pick and place machine

NeoDen4--- desktop automatic pick and place machines with Vision System(with internal rails) NeoDen4 Introduction NeoDen4 is a flexible pick and place machine for all types of production. With placement rates of 10,000 cph, up to 48 feeder slots, auto rails and electronic feeders, users can move from prototype to mass production.

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Product Details

Desktop automatic pick and place machines

Application industry: household appliances industry, auto electronics industry, power industry, LED industry, security, instruments and meters industry, communication industry, intelligent control industry, internet industry of things and military industry, etc..

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1.Vision system

An up-looking+down-looking camera identifies and calibrates the different components simultaneously, and tremendously improves the accuracy of placement from 0201 to BGA

2. Auto Electronic Feeders

Adopts feeding error corrections technique to help smooth the picking and reduce the deviation

3.Auto Rails Achieve Continuous Placement

1.5m&1.2m auto rails could be connected with universal conveyors to achieve continuous placement

4. Supports remote system upgrade

NeoDen will provide a life-long technical service and system upgrade


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SMT Machinery With Vision System NeoDen.jpg SMT Machinery With Vision System NeoDen4.jpg