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In Place Machine

In Place Machine

NeoDen3V Pick and place robot is a upgrade version of TM245P(Standard or Advanced)model.It features dual heads,24 feeder slots,cameras and new magnet positioning pins/stips-suitable for prototyping or production.

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Product Details

in place machine

in place machine

1.  Fully camera/vision system with two heads could ensure high accuracy working
 pick and place
2.  Own producing peel box,don't need to get rid of the wasted nylon film manually and easily changed and got rid of the wasted nylon filmas 

3. Vibration feeder-could support to pick and place of 5-10 kinds tube packing ICs or LEDs;



4. Using magnet positioning bars and pins,support put put the PCB at any where you like; Any shape of the PCB you like;

A. Automatically-Download coordinate file from PCB design software like Altium Designer,Eagle,KiCad,Upverter, 99SE,Protel,CAD,etc)

 1. Take the software Altium Designer 6.9  as an example, from which we can generate a csv. format file directly


2. Copy the .csv format file into a flash driver,then upload it to the NeoDen3V model-whole process only takes about five minutes.


B.Manual programming

You can easily program a working file on the machine with the assistance of down-looking camera




NeoDen has got TUV NORD CE and 30+ local patents to protect the trade and to safeguard the well-being of the product NeoDen manufactured, which is in full interest to the customer safety, by not getting into the copy or counterfeit products.


The complete machine has warranty period of One year from the time of purchase and lifelong service support.

Thank you for your support on NeoDen Tech's machines.