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Benchtop Pick And Place Machine

Benchtop Pick And Place Machine

smt process assembly production line PM3040 introduction PM3040 is a high precision manual stencil solder printer for PCB board. PM3040 is small and easy to operate, affordable, which is suitable for prototype and small scale electronics factory. NeoDen4 Introduction NeoDen4 is a benchtop pick and place machine

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Product Details

benchtop pick and place machine

How to assembly your PCB in house? 


Step 1.Stenciling (Solder Printer)

Covering the footprints with a metered amount of solder pastes by using solder printer

Step 2. Pick and Place (Pick and Place Machine)

Automatically put components on the PCB by using pick and place machine

Step 3. Soldering(Reflow Oven)

Put circuit boards into the reflow soldering to finish the placement

Step 1.Stenciling

Covering the footprints with a metered amount of solder pastes by using solder printer


PM3040 Solder Printer





Platform Size


PCB Size


PCB Thickness


PCB Tuning range

Front/ Side +10mm

Platform height




Fine Adjustment Range

Z-axis:±45mm  X-axis: ±35mm Y-axis:±45mm




Step 2.Pick and Place


Please kindly note auto rails and feeders are selectable. 

If you prefer to advance automatically with auto rails, or you have long board (longer than 300mm) and want to connect PnP with other machines as a continuous SMT line, with auto rails version will be a better choice.

Otherwise, you can also use without rails version, which uses magnetic pins and bars to fix boards by hand, it's also quite flexible and convenient.



smt process assembly production line.png

Reflow Oven T-962C Introduction

INFRARED IC HEATER T962C works automatically by micro-computer control. Can satisfy a dissimilarity SMD,BAG Soldering a request. Whole soldering process to complete automatically, easy to use, Adoption fast infrared radiation and circulation the wind for heat, so the temperature is very accurate and even.