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Automatic Pick And Place

Automatic Pick And Place

NeodenL460 Automatic SMD Mounter LED High Speed Machine/SMT Pick and place machine with 8mm,12mm,16mm Electric SMT feeder

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Product Details

automatic pick and place

The NEW NeoDenL460 is a highly productive pick and place machine with flying vision. As is built for speed, especially designed for LED board production, it features a faster XY motor and tape feeders, as well as the new head that achieves 18,000 chips per hour. The NeoDenL460 supports parts from 0603 to LQFP80 being used in mass production with high accuracy. 
Application industry: household appliances industry, auto electronics industry, power industry, LED industry, security, instruments and meters industry, communication industry, intelligent control industry, internet industry of things and military industry, etc..
Main Features

Pick and place machine featuresProduct feature

Established in 2010, NeoDen Technology Co.,Ltd., is a high-tech corporation located in Hangzhou, China. Our primary products are desktop automatic pick and place machines. In China, we are the leader in this technology with CE and more than 30 patents registered.
Mounting Effect:
Why Choose NeoDen:

1.Light weight body,occupy small area
2.User friendly interface,no need professional SMT engineer,entry-level device
3.High integrated,no need extra pump or any supporting facility
4.High accuracy and reliability,make up the defection of manual work
5.Low cost,reduce expense to own a professional automatic SMT production line
6.International express with door to door service,3-5 working days delivery
7.Especial for laboratory research and development,samples,to avoid any patents and designs revealment

The complete machine has a warranty period of  TWO year from the time   of purchase and lifelong service support as well as a long-term  factory price supply. We provide online Q/A and trouble shooting  support and technical advice service.



Thank you very much for your support on Neoden Tech's machines.