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Automatic Pick And Place Machine With Vision System

Automatic Pick And Place Machine With Vision System

NeoDen4 is a pick and place machine of components flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility. It is equipped with dual CCD cameras, auto rails, auto electronic feeders and 4 placement heads, which could support to mount 0201, BGA, QFN. Especially, with its Internal rails, it is applicable for 0.8m/1.2m/1.5m LED strip.

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Product Details

NeoDen4 Pick and place machine

1) Vision system

An up-looking camera and a down-looking camera identifies and calibrates the different components simultaneously, and tremendously improves the accuracy of placement from 0201 to BGA 

2) Four precision heads

4 high-precision placement heads with ±180° rotation that adopts suspended, fully symmetric and high degree

of coupling way, to ensure it can mount components with higher space, more gentle and more accurate

3)  Auto Electronic Feeders

Adopts feeding error corrections technique to help smooth the picking and reduce the deviation  

4) Auto Rails Achieve Continuous Placement

1.5m auto rails could be connected with universal conveyors to achieve continuous placement

5) General conveyor is supported

With a conveyor port, One-Stop SMT production line can be setup, which is more time-saving and labor-saving 

6) Supports remote system upgrade

NeoDen will provide a life-long technical service and system upgrade 

7) Industrial PC motherboard

32G solid state drives, read/write faster and more stable, with power-off protection function 



NeoDen4 with rails

Machine style

Single gantry with 4 heads


Stage Vision

Placement Rate

Vision on


Vision off


Feeder Capacity

Tape feeder:48(all 8mm)

Vibration feeder:5

Tray feeder:5

Component Range

Smallest Size


Largest Size

32x32mm (Lead Pitch 0.5mm)

Max Height




Placement Accuracy


X-Y Repeatability


Board Dimension(mm)


310 x 1500mm

140 x1500mm(With 1 waffle Tray)

Main Control


Electricity Supply




External Dimensions(mm)

Machine size


Packing size



Net Weight


Gross weight


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