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Pick And Place Machines For Automatic SMT Systems

pick and place machines for automatic SMT systems Introduction: NeoDen4 is a flexible pick and place machine for all types of production. With placement rates of 10,000 cph, up to 48 feeder slots, auto rails and electronic feeders, users can move from prototype into production on the same...

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Product Details

pick and place machines for automatic SMT systems

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NeoDen4 is a flexible pick and place machine for all types of production.

With placement rates of 10,000 cph, up to 48 feeder slots, auto rails and electronic feeders, users can move from prototype into production on the same machine, saving programming and job setup time.

It is a compact placing machine that offers the flexibility (component flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility) and speed to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.


1. Dual vision system (up-looking and down-looking cameras), identify and calibrate the different components at one time,  improves the accuracy of placement from 0201 to BGA;

2. Auto rails, help to achieve continuous placement and solve the problem of long LED bar, ex. 1.5m LED bar;

3. Automatic electric feeders, reduce the feeding deviation;

4. General conveyor is supported, so a SMT production line can be setup, which is more time-saving and labor-saving;

5. Four placement heads can pick up and calibrate components at one time.

6. The device supports remote system upgrade, NeoDen provides a life long system upgrade service for free to you;

NeoDen4 with Internal rails Parameters:

Placement Rate:Vison on5000PCS/Hour
Vison off10000PCS/Hour
Feeder CapacityTape Reel Feeders:48  
Vibration Feeder:5pcs
Tray Feeder:45pcs
Component RangeSmallest Component0201
Largest ComponentTQFP240
Max Height5mm
Positioning Accuracy+/-0.02mm
Applicable PCB area310mm*1500mm
140*1500mm(With 1 waffle Tray)
Main ControlGUI
Power Supply220V, 50Hz(convertible to 110V)

Specification of PM3040

ItemNeoDen  PM3040
Platform Size300×400mm
PCB Size250×300mm
Template Size370×470mm
Printing speedLabor control
PCB Thickness0~100mm
PCB Tuning rangeFront/Side +10mm
Platform height180mm
Positioning modeOutside/Reference hole
Fine Adjustment RangeZ-axis ±45mm  X-axis ±35mm  Y-axis ±45mm
Packing Size61*41*32cm


 1. The same platform as printer can be selectable, easy to locate both single and double sides of PCB board,high flexibility ensure high printing precision;

2.The steel stencil can be rotated 30 degrees at most,and the precision can be kept all the way when repeat works,can be comparable with automatic machine;

3.Using the way of steel stencil movement to adjust the best position,combining with the fine adjustment of X-axis,Y-axis to correct,convenient and efficient;

4. The frame made of thickened sheet metal,finest material,good quality with  outstanding durability;the brackets using the  bolt bar to adjust the height,convenient for controlling the thickness of PCB.

Specification of T-962C

Soldering max area400×600 mm
Size68.4X50.4X22.5 cm
Rated power2500W
Process Period1~8 min
SupplyAC110V~ AC220V /50~60HZ
Packing size78x60x33cm



(1) A large infrared soldering area

Drawer size: 400*600mm; this increases the usage range of this machine drastically and makes it an economical investment.

(2) Choice of different soldering cycles

Parameters of eight soldering cycles are predefined and the entire soldering process can completed automatically from Preheat, Soak and Reflow through to cool down.

(3) Special heat up and temperature equalization with all designs

Uses up to 2500 Watts of energy efficient Infrared heating and air circulation to re-flow solder.

(4) Ergonomic design, practical and easily operated

Good build quality but at the same time light weight and a small footprint allows the T962C to be easily bench positioned transported or stored.

(5) Large number of available functions

The T962C can solder most boss-eyed or double-face PCB boards small parts, for example CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA etc. It is the ideal rework solution from single runs to on-demand small batch production.

Warranty Period:

The guarantee period is 1 year(NeoDen4 has 2 years) from the time of purchase and lifelong service support as well as a long-term factory price supply.