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Hot Air SMT Soldering Machine

T-8L non-removable structure Reflow oven worked with hot wind to welding PCB, support most normal components,LEDs and Chips. Features: 1. Crawler-type structure matched with eight heating zones can make inside temperature more accurate,support almost all kinds of PCBs,have more heating/cooling...

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Product Details

Hot Air SMT Soldering Machine

(Reflow oven T-8L)


1. Crawler-type structure matched with eight heating zones can make inside temperature more accurate,support almost all kinds of PCBs,have more heating/cooling time to ensure more good soldering performance

2.Using AC motor to drive the conveyor belt, chain type transmission way. Speed adjustment is controlled by automatic electronic analog switch, which sensitivity no more than 1 degree,control accuracy ±10mm/min.

3.Power supply support both single Phase(220V)and Three phases(380V)

4.Cooling fan:Mainly to cool the welded PCB,or cool the heat parts inside machine to guarantee their good work.

5.Signal lights :Monitor the work condition of the machine, that is,signal lights indicate the temperature of the machine in normal and abnormal working state .

6.Emergency Stop Button-Support Abnormal Shutdown during breakdown situation

7.Easily to build a Complete Automatic SMT Production Line by adjusting the height of the Working Table


Length*Width*Height    (mm)


Peak Power(KW)


Working Power(KW)


Input Voltage(V)


Conveyor Width(mm)


Standard Max Height    (mm)


Customized Max    height(mm)


Max Speed of    Conveyor (mm)


Packing Size


Gross Weight


Why Choose NeoDen?


Since the launch of 1st generation TM220A to 4th generation NeoDen4, our machines have got lots of applause from customers world wide, here are some feedback and placement videos for your kind reference.

1.0603, SOT23, MSOP20:

2.NeoDen4 building a SOM100:

Besides,NeoDen has owned TUV NORD CE certificate since 2015, attached the documents for your kind reference.


NeoDen PnP machines is widely supported due to its high accuracy, stable performance,reliable quality with affordable price.

From prototyping to production.
NeoDen products are especially designed for home makers, start-up owners, lab researchers or electronics engineers those who want to do prototyping or small-medium batch production.
The component range: 0201, 0402, SOT,SOP,TQFP,BGA,QFN,etc.

Easy to operate
With built-in PC, you only need a monitor & keyboard to display and control the machine.
A. Generate coordinate file from PCB design software (AD, Eagle, KiCad,Upverter, etc).
B. If you don't have PCB layout, you can also easily program a working file with the assistance of vision system. 

Professional and efficient support

NeoDen has a professional and experienced after-sales team, once any issue occurs, our engineer will try best to provide a solution via email/skype/call in a short time either workday or holidays.


The guarantee period is 1 year from the time of purchase and lifelong service support as well as a long-term factory price supply. NeoDen will provide online Q/A and troubleshooting support and technical advice service.


1) The default delivery method is via TNT (door to door), unless specific requirement from customer.

2) Delivery time: 7 working days.