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6th Generation Smt LED Production PNP Machinery

NeoDen4 with Rails, the brand new and long awaited model of NeoDen, is a desktop Pick andPlace machine with vision system. As a professional PnP machine designer and developer, NeoDen has been doing research in SMT industry from 2010.

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6th generation smt LED production PNP Machinery


Item Description

The NEW NeoDenL460 is a highly productive pick and place machine with flying vision. As is built for speed, especially designed for LED board production, it features a faster XY motor and tape feeders, as well as the new head that achieves 18,000 chips per hour. The NeoDenL460 supports parts from 0603 to LQFP80 being used in mass production with high accuracy. 


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The complete machine has a warranty period of TWO year from the time  of purchase and lifelong service support as well as a long-term factory price supply. We provide online Q/A and trouble shooting support and technical advice service.