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The Main Reason And Countermeasure Of Chip Placement Machine Throwing

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The main reason and countermeasure of chip placement machine throwing

Reason 1: nozzle problems, nozzle deformation, blockage, damage caused by lack of pressure, air leaks, resulting in suction can not afford to take the material is not correct, to identify pass but the material.

Countermeasures: clean replacement nozzle;

Cause 2: Identifying system problems, poor vision, unclear vision or laser shots, interference with debris identification, inadequate light source identification and intensity, insufficient grayscale, and possibly identifying the system as broken.

Countermeasure: Clean and wipe the surface of the identification system, keep it clean and free from contamination, adjust the light source intensity and gray level, and replace the identification system components;

Reason 3: The location of the problem, the material is not expected to be the center of the material, the material is not the correct height (usually to meet the 0.05MM after the pressure under the subject) resulting from the deviation, the material is not correct, offset, identify with the corresponding Data parameters do not match the identification system as invalid material abandoned.

Countermeasures: adjust the location of the material;

Reason 4: vacuum problems, lack of pressure, vacuum tracheal channel is not smooth, there is a conductive blockage of the vacuum channel, or lack of pressure caused by vacuum leaks can not afford to take off or pick up on the way to fall.

Countermeasures: tone pressure steep slope to the equipment required pressure values (such as 0.5 ~ ~ 0.6Mpa - YAMAHA placement machine), clean the pressure pipe, repair leak gas;

Reason 5: Program problems, the editing program components parameters set incorrectly, with incoming material size, brightness and other parameters do not match the result of identification and discarded.

Countermeasures: Modify the component parameters, search for the best component settings;

Reason 6: incoming problems, incoming irregular, lead oxidation and other substandard products.

Countermeasures: IQC do incoming testing, contact with component suppliers;

Cause 7: The feeder problem, the feeder position is distorted, the feeder is poorly fed (the feeder ratchet is damaged, the strap hole is not jammed on the ratchet of the feeder, there is foreign matter under the feeder, the spring Aging, or poor electrical), resulting in less than expected or poor material removal and throwing material, as well as feeder damage.

Countermeasures: Feeder adjustment, cleaning the feeder platform, replacement of the bad parts or feeders; there is a material to be seen to solve the phenomenon, you can ask on-site personnel, through the description, and then directly under the observation and analysis to find the problem, so More effective in identifying problems to be addressed, while improving productivity, but more than taking up machine production time.

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