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The Difference Between SMT Placement Machine And LED Placement Machine

- Mar 11, 2018 -

LED Mounter is mainly for LED lighting industry, LED lighting industry. Because LED lighting lighting SMD components are more complex and diverse, such as 1.2 meters of LED light, lamp beads, there are some very large lamp beads components, SMT placement machine can not be installed.

So simply speaking, the PCB board of the SMT chip mounter is small, the long light bar cannot be mounted, and the large lamp bead component can't be mounted, but the SMT chip mounter also has its advantages, the very small components 0402, 0201, There are also ICs that can be mounted. LED mounters can't do this. And LED mounter can not paste IC electronics, accuracy is not enough. In general, the placement speed of the LED mounter is much faster than the SMT placement speed.

LED placement machine pays attention to specificity, fast speed, SMT pays attention to general use, and the speed is slightly slower than LED mounter.

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