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The Composition Of The Placement Machine

- Mar 11, 2018 -

With today’s fierce market competition, electronics manufacturers must constantly look for ways to reduce product costs and time to market, and at the same time continue to improve new product quality. In addition, manufacturing processes and procedures must also be improved, and electronics manufacturers must also promote semiconductor devices.

Fundamentally speaking, the placement machine consists of two parts: the hardware part consists of mechanical mechanisms (including mechanical bodies, transmission and drive mechanisms, pneumatic vacuum systems, and other mechanical mechanisms), and optical systems (including vision systems, light sources, and controls). Etc.) and three major parts of electronic circuits and computers (including sensor circuits, image processing, various electronic control circuits, and industrial computer systems); the software part consists of three parts: operating system software, machine control software, and system management software.

The placement machine:

The placement machine is actually a kind of precise industrial robot. It fully utilizes the high-tech achievements of modern precision machinery, electromechanical integration, photoelectric integration, and computer control technology to realize high-speed, high-precision, and intelligent electronic assembly manufacturing equipment. According to the assembly technology requirements and the manufacturer's design concept, people have introduced different types of placement machines with different functions, different uses, and different grades.

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