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Stencil Printing And Screen Printing

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Stencil printing and screen printing

Screen printing and stencil printing are all stencil printing, that is, using the way of leakage printing.

Stencil printing is characterized by the manual engraving of the template, and the template as a printing plate without the carrier. So in order to ensure the location of the printing elements of the relationship between them must be somehow connected. This destroyed the integrity of the original image on the one hand, while its relative position is not easy to guarantee. Sometimes you can not even determine the location of an image, such as a color-coded image.

The screen printing, the screen as a carrier, the image template based on the screen, so as to ensure the integrity of the original image and the location of the printing elements of the accurate relationship. In particular, the use of photosensitive screen printing screen plate, not only plate-making speed, but also improve the quality of the image a lot. Therefore, only in the lower requirements of banner printing, in order to be economical, fast, only use direct engraving template printing. In most cases, screen printing should be used.

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