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SMT Stencil Processing Characteristics And Technology

- Feb 15, 2018 -

SMT stencil processing machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. Mounter has developed from the early low-speed mechanical placement machine into high-speed optical alignment machine and has developed into a multifunctional and flexible connection modular.

SMT Chip Factory Overview Automatic transportation of PCB board, automatic printing, can be used for automatic production line connection, without artificial board and printing. Four-point automatic steel cylinder locking positioning system, steel positioning easy to operate, printing repeat accuracy up to ± 0.02mm, the activities of stencil frame, the use of different sizes stencil. Suspension scraper can automatically balance the left and right squeegee pressure, extend the life of squeegee and steel, to ensure reliable printing.

smt stencil processing machine features high frequency characteristics, high reliability, high assembly density, the whole structure of streamlined, easy to operate, function optimization.

smt stencil processing factory about, SMT is the surface mount technology, is the electronic assembly industry in the most popular technology and technology. It compresses traditional electronic components into devices that are only a few tenths of a meter in size, enabling high density, high reliability, miniaturization, low cost, and production automation of electronics assemblies. This miniaturization of components called: SMY devices (or SMC, chip devices). The process of assembling components onto a print (or other substrate) is known as an SMT process. SMT placement machine related assembly equipment is called SMT equipment.

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