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SMT Processing Safety Knowledge

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Surface mounting technology equipment in SMT processing line has high safety, but we also need to keep notice on some important places:

1. The equipment should be used according to the operating procedures of the placement machine, and work should be started after the safety switches of the placement machine are closed.

2. the corresponding equipment needs to specify the operator, and the unrelated personnel must not operate the machine without authorization.

3. When opening the reflow oven, be careful to prevent burns and wear gloves.

4. When the equipment is being maintained, it should be operated while the equipment is stopped. The situation is special and cannot be stopped. There should be more than one person in the side.

5. In the process of equipment running or tuning, if an accident occurs, press the emergency stop button quickly, or pull down the power switch to stop the device immediately.

6. Try to avoid direct contact between the skin and the flux during work, using gloves and other tools.

7. When replacing some parts, it should be carried out while the machine is stopped. At the same time, the emergency stop button should be locked to prevent others from mishandling.

8. Minimize the doors and windows of the equipment, so that the dust can be effectively sucked away by the ventilation system to keep the air fresh and clean.

9. Air compressors are regularly maintained and air compressor oil is replaced.

10.Turn off the main power gate during off-duty or holiday.

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