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SMT Placement Quality Process Development

- Aug 22, 2018 -

The development and progress of SMT process technology is mainly in four directions. The first is to adapt to the assembly requirements of the new surface-assembled components; the second is to adapt to the development of new assembly materials; the third is to adapt to the variety of modern electronic products, to update the fast features; the fourth is to assemble with high-density, three-dimensional The assembly requirements of new assembly forms such as assembly and MEMS assembly are compatible.

    Mainly reflect in:

    1. With the fine pitch of component leads, the micro-assembly technology of 0.3mm pitch is becoming mature, and is developing towards improving assembly quality and improving the pass rate of one assembly;

    2. With the popularity of the arrayed ball-type pin form at the bottom of the device, and the corresponding assembly process and testing, the rework technology has matured and is still being improved;

    3. In order to adapt to the development of green assembly and assembly process requirements after the introduction of new assembly materials such as lead-free solder, relevant process technology research is underway;

    4. In order to adapt to the multi-variety, small batch production and rapid update assembly requirements, assembly process rapid reorganization technology, assembly process optimization technology, assembly design and manufacturing integration technology is constantly being proposed and ongoing research.

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