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SMT Placement Machine Should Prepare These Jobs Before Starting

- Mar 31, 2018 -

1. Prepare the product process document for patch placement.

2. According to the mounting schedule of the product process document, pick up the material (PCB, components) and check it.

3. For the PCBs that have been opened for packaging, cleaning and baking are performed according to the length of the unsealing time and whether it is wet or contaminated.

4, check the components after opening, on moisture components in accordance with SMT process components management requirements.

5, according to the specifications and type of components to choose the matching feeder, and properly install the component tape feeder. When loading, the center of the component must be aligned with the picker core of the feeder.

6. After the preparation is completed, we will turn on the power of the SMT machine according to the SMT equipment safety technical specification.

7. Second, we must check whether the vacuum pressure of the SMT placement machine has reached the requirements of the equipment. The vacuum value of the placement machine is generally 6kgjf/cm2 to 7kgf/cm2.

8. Open the servo system of the mounter and then return the X and Y axes of the mounter to the original position of the source.

9, in accordance with the width of the PCB circuit board, adjust the width of the rail transport system mounter, guide width should be greater than the PCB width of 1mm or so, while ensuring that the PCB slide freely on the rail.

10. Check and ensure that there are no obstacles in the movement range of the placement machine guide rail, the placement head, the automatic replacement of the nozzle bank, and the tray rack.

11. Finally, install the PCB positioning device on the placement machine to start patching.

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