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SMT Component Placement Compared With Lead Electronic Component

- Aug 21, 2018 -

SMT pick and place machine applicable to which industries:

Household appliances industry

Auto electronics industry

Power industry

LED industry


Instruments and meters industry

Communications industry

Intelligent control industry

Internet of Things (IOT) industry

Military industry, etc.

Compared to lead chips, the advantages of smt small size, favorable replacement, and strong component stability of the components have brought a large customer base to SMT chip components. 

      1. Small size and light weight, the chip component is easier to solder than the lead component and easy to disassemble. The removal of the lead components is cumbersome, especially on PCBs with more than two layers, even if there are only two pins, it is easy to damage the board when removed, not to mention the multi-pin. It is much easier to remove the chip components. Not only can the two pins be easily removed, even if the components of one or two hundred pins are removed several times, the board can be not damaged.

2. Another advantage of SMT chip components is that they are easy to replace, because many resistors, capacitors and inductors have the same package size. The same position can be equipped with resistors, capacitors or inductors as needed, which increases the flexibility of designing the debug circuit. .

3. The chip component improves the stability and reliability of the circuit, and improves the success rate of the production for the production. This is because the patch elements have no leads, which reduces stray electric fields and stray magnetic fields, which is especially noticeable in high frequency analog circuits and high speed digital circuits.

SMT placement technology can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs and ensure quality. SMT technology is a new generation of high-tech electronic patch technology, which is an emerging industrial manufacturing technology and process. Its main function is to quickly mount electronic components on the PCB through patch technology to achieve high efficiency, high density, high reliability, low cost and other production process automation.

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