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Reflow The Stage Of Development

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Reflow the stage of development

According to the product's heat transfer efficiency and the continuous improvement of the reliability of welding, reflow can be roughly divided into five stages of development

First generation

Hot plate conduction reflow soldering equipment: the heat transfer efficiency of the slowest, 5-30 W / m2K (different heating efficiency of different materials), a shadow effect.

Second generation

Infrared heat radiation reflow equipment: heat transfer efficiency is slow, 5-30W / m2K (different materials of different efficiency of infrared radiation), a shadow effect, the color of components have a large impact on heat absorption.

Third Generation

Hot air reflow soldering equipment: heat transfer efficiency is relatively high, 10-50 W / m2K, no shadow effect, color has no effect on heat absorption.

Fourth Generation

Gas phase reflow soldering system: high heat transfer efficiency, 200-300 W / m2K, no shadow effect, the welding process needs to move up and down, the cooling effect is poor.

Fifth Generation

Vacuum steam condensing welding (vacuum vapor welding) system: no space welding confined space, the highest heat transfer efficiency, 300 W-500W / m2K. Welding process remained static without vibration. Excellent cooling effect, color has no effect on heat absorption.

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