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Multifunctional High-speed Placement Machine BA389 Features And Features

- Mar 03, 2018 -

1, high precision and flexibility, can be mounted 01005,0201, SOIC, PLCC, BGA, μBGA, CSP, QFP, I / C pitch up to 0.3mm.

2, the highest test production up to 10,500CPH.

3, non-contact linear encoder system for placement machine equipment to improve repeatability and stability.

4, intelligent feeder identification system, automatically check the feeding position before production.

5, automatic production statistics, easy to track production data.

6, the flight alignment system uses a world-class COGNEX® positioning system.

7, for large size, high precision BGA, QFP and other I / C can choose visual alignment system.

8, Built-in sophisticated camera system, can automatically identify the reference point.

9, Dispensing system, dubbed the plastic placement machine, can save the cost of making steel stencils.

10, visual inspection system that can be used to check the production of solder paste before production and check the placement accuracy.

11, Windows 7 operating system more convenient operation.

12, UCAD data conversion software, to provide fast data entry, improve change line speed.

13, XY axis with a stable and reliable screw drive system.

14, the flexible design of the device can be used to install up to 160 8MM feeders.

15, the most suitable for many varieties of small batch production.

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