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Mounter Technical Explanation

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Today's high-tech electronic goods are getting smaller and smaller and thinner and thinner. Human pursuit of the ultimate object will not stop. Advances in these products also promote the technology of surface mount components.

Mounter is a two-part common control - computer and camera system, the function is to mount precision components to the PCB board. The principle is through the vacuum nozzle pick the original, a sensing device for its size, shape, orientation, etc. are calibrated, affixed to the specified PCB board. Existing sales whether it is PANSONIC, FUJI, YAMAHA and other Nissan products, or South Korea's SANSUNG, or SIEMENS made in Germany and other placement machine. Are formed by the patch data, substrate data, drawing data, component data, image data five major elements.

After many Taiwan equipment assembly SMT production line, the efficiency of the production line and by the placement machine performance has a great impact. An SMT production line generally includes high-speed machine main installation sheet shape components and high-precision placement machine mainly sticks different group and IC. Want to maximize the use of SMT efficiency, you need to consider: the overall efficiency of the production line and balance.

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