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Led Industry Placement Machine

- Dec 23, 2017 -

led industry placement machine

The "LED Mounter" project undertaken by the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei Institute of Material Science has broken through the key technologies such as precise positioning at high speed, multi-axis coordinated motion control and automatic pick-and-read calibration.

The SMT machine is commissioned specifically for the LED industry research and development to meet the elastic needs of LED lighting industry production for the production of standard products have 600 / 1200mm LED fluorescent tube (T8, T5), covering all LED-related products such as LED cars Lights, hoses, patio lights and more. Mounter at the same time provide highly flexible programming capabilities, so that the operator according to different BIN value of LED components to adjust the placement mode, to ensure that the end product of homogeneity.

The machine for different components features, the material nozzle, high wear resistance and attached shrapnel design to reduce the impact of the LED surface mount, you can also mount general RC or SOP electronic components, mount components range of 0805 ~ 24 * 18mm, mount speed of 8000CPH, is a cost-effective automatic placement machine.

Through the research and development of the project, scientific and technical personnel have accumulated valuable experience in the design and manufacture of precision equipment, multi-axis coordinated control and system integration, laying a solid foundation for the R & D of high speed and high precision SMT machines.

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