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LED Industry 6 Large Packaging Technology

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Under the pressure of terminal prices, the market is forcing LED companies to upgrade their technology, which further promotes the application and popularization of new technologies. The price of LED products continues to decline, and technological innovation has become a powerful tool for improving product performance, reducing costs, and optimizing the supply chain. Under the pressure of terminal prices, the market is forcing LED companies to upgrade their technology, which further promotes the application and popularization of new technologies.

Technological innovation has always been an important weight for companies to increase product value. On the one hand, CSP chip-scale packaging, flip-chip LED, and power-off module technology have gradually matured and realized mass production. They have attracted wide attention from the industry. The next step is to increase the price/performance ratio. On the other hand, EMC, COB, and high-voltage LEDs The market continues to break out and the future growth space will focus on the market segments.

1, CSP chip scale package

Mentioned the most popular LED technology, non-CSP must be. CSP has attracted attention due to its industry expectations for package miniaturization and increased cost-effectiveness. At present, CSP is gradually being applied to mobile flash, display backlight and other fields.

In short, at this stage, the domestic CSP chip-scale package is still in the research and development period, and will develop along the path of improving the cost-effectiveness. With the continuous release of the scale effect of CSP products, the cost performance will be further improved. In the next year or two, more and more lighting customers will receive CSP products.

2, to power module

In recent years, "de-powered" has developed in full swing. What is "de-powered" in the end? "De-powered" means that the power supply is built-in, reducing electrolytic capacitors, transformers and other devices, and the drive circuit and the LED lamp bead share a single substrate, achieving high integration of the drive and the LED light source. Compared with the traditional LED, the power supply solution is simpler and easier to automate and mass production; at the same time, it can reduce the size and cost.

3, flip-chip LED technology

"Flip chip + chip scale package" is a perfect combination. Flip-chip LED with the advantages of high density, high current, the past two years has become a hot topic of LED chip companies and the mainstream direction of the development of the LED industry.

The current CSP package is based on flip-chip technology. Compared to formal wear, flip-chip LED eliminates the need to hit the golden link, which reduces the probability of dead lights by more than 905, which ensures the stability of the product and optimizes the heat dissipation capability of the product. At the same time, it can tolerate more current driving, higher luminous flux and thinning characteristics in a smaller chip area, and is the best solution for overcurrent driving in lighting and backlight applications.

4, EMC package

EMC refers to the epoxy molding compound, which is characterized by high heat resistance, UV resistance, high integration, high current flow, small size, high stability, etc. The field and backlighting areas that require high stability have outstanding advantages.

It is understood that EMC currently has 3030, 5050, 7070 and other models, of which the 3030 price has been quite outstanding.

5, high voltage LED package

The current LED price war is fierce and fierce, and the power source is prominent in the cost of the entire LED. How to save the drive cost has become the focus of LED drive power companies. High-voltage LEDs can effectively reduce the cost of power supplies and have been identified as one of the industry's future development trends.

At present, the common practice of increasing LED brightness is to amplify the chip size or increase the operating current, but it is not easy to fundamentally solve the problem, and may even cause new problems, such as uneven current, poor heat dissipation, and Droop Effect, but the high-voltage chip Provides a better solution.

The principle of the high-voltage chip is actually to use the concept of integerization to decompose larger-sized chips into small chips with high luminous efficiency and uniform light emission, and to integrate the semiconductor process technology to make full use of the chip area. , more effectively achieve the purpose of brightness enhancement. From the perspective of the entire light (such as street lights), the high-voltage chip with the IC power supply, the power supply voltage difference is smaller, in addition to increase the service life, but also can reduce the cost of the system.

6, COB integrated package

COB integrated light source is easy to achieve dimming, anti-glare, high brightness and other characteristics, can well solve the problem of color and heat, and is widely used in commercial lighting and is favored by many LED packaging manufacturers.

At this stage, COB is facing the process of customizing the demand. In the future, the COB market will develop towards standardized products. As the upstream and downstream facilities of the COB are relatively mature and cost-effective, once the commonality is resolved, the scale will be further accelerated.

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