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How To Reuse SMT Bulk Materials

- Mar 31, 2018 -

With the development of SMT technology, the automatic SMT placement machine has a stronger one-step increase in both the placement speed, the placement machine accuracy, and the placement efficiency.

The advantages of the automatic SMT placement machine is that the management is convenient and the efficiency of the patch is even higher.

SMT placement machine in the work process for the handling of bulk materials, one can be treated as waste, one is a large device, the import value is relatively high, from the producer's point of view, must be reused, not Can waste. Then how to re-use this type of bulk material IC, Huang card SMT Mounter shared several processing methods.

The bulk material handling method of the automatic placement machine is to collect used tapes of a certain length, find a relatively thin plate, and use a double-sided tape to stick a suitable length of tape to the plate. Note: Make sure the position of the chute is aligned. Fill the tape with taping.

The IC bulk material is intended to be mounted on a circuit board using a mounter, but if it cannot be mounted on a circuit board using an automatic mounter, it can be mounted manually.

A program for using the Tray disk is prepared on the automatic placement machine, and the self-made Tray information is input into the program, and the new program is called to produce the cut OK. Draw up the control list. If the bulk material is relatively large, it is possible to collect material tapes and braids that are suitable for bulk packing specifications, and then place the bulk material into the material tape and seal the tape with double-sided tape. When the material is discharged, the original packaging can be referred to.

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