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High-speed 1.5 M LED Mounter Features

- Mar 03, 2018 -

1, using the most advanced non-contact flight vision centering system, multiple chip heads can simultaneously take the material, save time and effectively improve production efficiency.

2, the production process without the need to sub-plate and sub-plate placement, one-time placement of 1.5 meters long LED light strip board (or optional 1800mm).

3, choose the platform to send plate, can be put into more than one plate at a time to improve production efficiency (only for a plate).

4, equipped with LED-specific flexible nozzle, various types of LED components can be mounted, but also according to customer needs special special nozzle.

5, X, Y axis orbit with a solid dual rail structure.

6, equipped with a gas blowing system, effectively prevent the LED components are stuck in the nozzle caused by leakage paste.

7, can be mounted the entire soft board, high-density 1.2 m or 1.8 m long board, round board, strip board and other types of plate.

8, optional UCAD software, PCB board CAD data can be quickly converted into SMD machine SMD data used.

9, lack of material non-stop mode, automatic production, one of the lack of feeder, the device will automatically from other spare feed


10, fast programming function, enter the number of components and the number of puzzle, the software will automatically generate the placement coordinate data.

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