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Electronica & Productronica China

- May 31, 2017 -


Electronica & Productronica China is a 3 day event being held from 14th March to the 16th March 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) in Shanghai, China. 1,000 exhibitors from 28 nations join this trade fair to display and source the newest technologies.

As the developer and manufacturer of pick and place machine, NeoDen Tech demonstrated NeoDen3V, NeoDen4, NeoDen5 and NeoDenL460 together with a reflow oven.

image003_副本2.jpg image005_副本2.jpg

NeoDen5                                                  NeoDenL460 


NeoDen SMT Production Line



70,000 visiters are expected to visit Electronica & Productronica China



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