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Dubai 3D Printing Strategy To Make UAE As A 3D Printing Hub By 2030

- Jul 09, 2018 -

6Wresearch has recently published a new report titled “UAE 3D printing Market (2018-2024)” report provides in-depth analysis with 44 figures and 10 tables covered in more than 100 pages. The report estimates and forecast the overall UAE 3D printing market by technology, sector and regions. The report also offer insights on competitive landscape, companies benchmarking, company profiles, market drivers, restraints & trends, and recommendations. After the introduction of ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy’ in 2016, 3D printing market in UAE exhibited healthy growth. Also, government’s agenda to make UAE a global hub for 3D printing is further adding to the growth of the market. Further, increasing investment from both government and private sectors along with initiatives for increasing awareness regarding the technology and its areas of application would propel significant growth of the market.

Dubai 3D Printing Strategy to Make UAE as a 3D Printing Hub by 2030

“Additionally, within 3D printing industry, the UAE government is largely focusing on infrastructure, legislative structure, funding, talent, and market demand in key sectors such as medical, construction & consumer products. In the construction sector, the government is targeting to 3D print 25% of every new building in Dubai by 2030,” He further added. According to Kanchan Negi, Research Associate, Research and Consulting, 6Wresearch, “UAE 3D printing is a niche market with only few 3D printing service bureaus profoundly involved in 3D printing services. In terms of regions, Dubai accounted for the highest revenue share due to presence of highest number of 3D printing service bureaus.”

Moreover, during the forecast period, the share of Dubai would further increase due to upcoming 3D printing regulations and also the existing players in this region would be expanding their current market shares. Additionally, other emirates especially Abu Dhabi are likely to expand their business operations during the forecast period, however, the share of these regions would not be increasing at the same rate due to faster growth pace in Dubai,” Kanchan Concluded. Some of the key players in UAE 3D printing market include-Immensa Technology Labs, Generation 3D LLC, 3DVinci Creations, 3D Creations, D2M solutions, Sinterex, Call Print.

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