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Common Knowledge Of STM (Surface Mount Technology)

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Common knowledge of STM (Surface Mount Technology)

1. In general, the temperature specified by the SMT shop is 23 ± 7 ℃;

2. Solder paste printing, the required materials and tools: solder paste, steel, scraper, wipe paper, dust-free paper, cleaning agents, mixing knife;

3 commonly used solder paste composition Sn96.5% / Ag3% / Cu0.5%;

4. Paste in the main ingredient is divided into two parts of tin powder and flux;

5. Flux in the welding of the main role is to remove oxides, destroy the melt surface tension tin to prevent re-oxidation;

6. Solder tin powder particles and Flux (flux) volume ratio of about 1: 1, the weight ratio of about 9: 1;

7. Solder paste access principle is FIFO;

8. Paste in Kaifeng use, to go through two important processes back to warm, stirring;

9. Plate production methods are common: etching, laser, electroforming;

10. SMT's full name is Surface mount (or mounting) technology, the Chinese meaning of surface adhesion (or placement) technology;

11.ESD's full name is Electro-static discharge, Chinese means electrostatic discharge;

12. Production SMT equipment program, the program includes five parts, the five parts for the PCB data; Mark data; Feeder data; Nozzle data; Part data;

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