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Accuracy Of Pick And Place Equipment

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Accuracy Of Pick And Place Equipment.jpg

To be sure, as semiconductors become more complex and their packages become smaller, the accuracy of the machines placing these semiconductor die into packages or substrates is key. It has become imperative for manufacturers to understand accuracy fully, and that includes how a machine`s ability to maintain accuracy will affect yields in the long term. In addition, end users will be challenged enough in the future just dealing with semiconductor production yields because of die size and complexity. They should not have to worry about a die placement machine adding to yield losses due to misplacements.

Accuracy comes into play when a machine is programmed to move 100 mm from its current location. Or, as with most equipment today, it uses a vision system to generate offsets to known data for a placement location. Accuracy, as defined above, is the most critical parameter for pick-and-place equipment. 

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